Why You Shouldn't Wait To Get Your CE's done

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

  You look on your calendar and see you only have a few months (or weeks)to complete your continuing education classes. You start scouring the internet to find the closest classes or maybe an online course or two you can take to get your hours in before the deadline. Sound familiar? Why do you do this every time? You know when they’re due. You know that they have to be done. You get your classes done and your hours in just in time and swear you will do better the next go around. But then life take over, time goes by, and you fail to sign up for anything, only to put yourself in the same position yet again.

This may work for you time and time again, but you’re shorting yourself in more ways than one.When you wait until the last minute to get your CE hours you more than likely are going to settle for anything out there; whatever class is going to give you the hours you need. You’re willing to take a class on a modality you have absolutely no interest in. Then you’ve spent money on a course and despite the fact you got your hours, it’s money down the drain because it’s something you’ll never use; money that could’ve been put towards something you were truly interested in, or something that would’ve really benefited you and your business.

When you wait,you’re also increasing your chances of being in a larger class, because let’s face it, you’re not the only one to wait! CE providers are well aware and tend to increase their seating capacity in those last few weeks leading up to the deadline. But larger classes lead to less one-on-one attention, something absolutely necessary especially when learning a new modality. Try attending a really large class on a totally new technique...you’re not going to leave feeling very confident that you know what you’re doing.

Getting ahead on your CE classes gives you the opportunity to research and get into classes you really want, so you spend your money wisely, increasing your knowledge and growing yourself in ways that can benefit your clients and your business. It also increases the value you get from those classes making sure you’re able to get the knowledge and confidence you need to put your learning into action.We’re here to provide a variety of continuing education classes. Our purpose is to help move the massage profession forward through personal growth, business development and continuing education.

Check out our upcoming class schedule and find the ones that best fit you and your practice. Get the most out of your CE classes with the Massage Innovation Network for Therapists.

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