Why Small CE Classes Are Best

Have you ever taken a CE class where you felt like just another number? Like the instructor barely looked in your direction and you were lost in the crowd of students? Been there, done that, and it’s never a good experience.A continuing education class is supposed to refresh the old knowledge and add in new, but that’s hard to do when a class has more students than an instructor can handle. From a student’s point of view and from an instructor’s,large classes simply don’t allow for the same benefit as a small class can.In any class, you have a lot of different personalities being put together in the same room. Those who are outspoken and don’t mind having the focus on them will be asking questions, speaking up, and generally taking up more of the instructor’s attention. There’s nothing wrong with this, in a small class, as the instructor has a lot more to give; less people needing this or that. But with a large class, those who aren’t so keen on speaking up tend to just keep quiet. Small class sizes lend themselves to giving students a different kind of comfort level; the kind that inspires those who are more reserved to take a step out and ask the questions they have, or share comments and opinions on things being discussed.All of this translates into you getting a better education, grasping the subject matter far more firmly, and feeling more confident as you go back to work with your new skills. In our classes , we keep things small...like REALLY small. This is to make sure that each and every student can get exactly what they need out of a class; not just some required hours, but a true learning experience that enhances their professional life. So if you’re interested in any of our classes, go into it knowing that you are our top priority. You’ll get plenty of hands-on experience and one-on-one instruction to ensure that when you leave the class, you’re fully prepared to apply what you learn into your work. We look forward to having you in class soon!

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