Life Has The Sweetest Surprises

My favorite part of fall is the hustle and bustle of what begins the holiday season. Since license renewal in NC is November 1st, by the time November rolls around I am pleasantly exhausted from the long hours of teaching. I LOVE my job though. I can't even begin to tell you how much JOY teaching you guys new things has brought to my life.     As many of you know I have had to cut down on the number of clients I am physically able to see. For many years, I have sought my fulfillment in life through being able to help clients ease their pain. While it was devastating as first to hear that I needed to slow down and start to think about transitioning, life has a funny way of putting you on the path you are meant to be on even when it seems like the end of the world. I am honestly surprised I haven't learned that by now. Most of you guys have heard the story of how I decided to go to pharmacy school. When I got robbed at gunpoint and was diagnosed with PTSD, I thought it was the end of the world. It wasn't though. It was just the end of that chapter.    A year ago, I transitioned my massage practice from having independent contractors to having W2 employees. It was the scariest thing I have ever done in my practice, but also one of the best. Everyone quit. I mean everyone. I literally had to start over. Today though, we are more stable and resilient than we have ever been. We have literally doubled our numbers due to the changes I have made over the last few years and my staff are HAPPY.     The last thing I ever thought I would do was decide to teach. I didn't feel like I knew enough. They call this "impostor syndrome." Even after over 6 years in the industry, I still felt like an imposter. However what I have learned though is when you take a big leak, if you aren't nervous you probably are an impostor. Or according the counselors I am coaching, then you are more than likely a narcissist. I won't take it that far... If you can do a big new thing without fear or anxiety or at least a few butterflies, you are my new hero, because you must be fiercely confident.    I almost gave up teaching, because the writing process was so tedious and my brain was full of all the "not enough's." The funny thing is if you have taken one of my courses, then you have probably seen the effort that I have poured into it. My classes are also small. I keep them under 6 students for a reason. I enjoy the small intimacy of them and I am a huge proponent of QUALITY over QUANTITY.     A few years ago, I took a coaching course. It was something to do at the time. I didn't think I would actually use it. Last fall I decided to get some coaching through my business transition. I was at my wits end and ready to give up. I couldn't afford it, but I had just lost my whole staff. I had no clue what to do, but I knew I was doing the right thing.

    When I began the online group, I really just wanted my continuing education students to be able to ask questions and implement their new skills into their practice with help. I never anticipated any growth. I was surprised when people asked for more. People began asking me to coach them. At first I was resistant, but after completing my Life Coach and Business Coach Certificates through another accredited university I began to realize I have a knack for it. It has been a great opportunity for me to help others grow. Make sure you sign up for your FREE coaching call here. Don't miss out on the opportunity while I am trying to obtain the rest of my hours to get my International Coaching Federation Associates Coaching Certification. It really is a great opportunity if you have seen what most of the coaches that don't have any formal training are hiring... Either way I never imagined I would be on this journey and I am so grateful and thankful that it turned out better than I ever expected. Life is full of sweet surprises sometimes.

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A few years ago, I took a coaching course. It was something to do at the time. I didn't think I would actually use it.