It's That Time Again- Renewal Time!

Updated: May 27, 2021

Happy November!

I hope everyone in NC that had license renewal this year made it seamlessly. If you have any questions about this. Please reach out. I have always had the best luck using the Scan Genius app to get my files the right size and then emailing them to myself and attaching them to the application online if that helps any of you late people. (Its okay. We all procrastinate.)

We have 2 more months of regular classes at the Fire & Ice Therapeutic Massage office. We are doing things a little different in 2020. We are launching our online CE platform in 2020 so we plan to offer each live class quarterly at a new and larger venue locally. I will also be traveling to teach out of state since so many of you have asked I come to you. I AM SOOOOO EXCITED. We will be using Rolling Hill Farms wedding venue which they have graciously offered us Monday through Thursday at a really awesome rate. It is absolutely beautiful and there will be more room to move around. We are even looking into having lunch catered. The only downside is I won't be able to supply sheets and tables for a group that big, so I figure lunch might be a good trade-off. Make sure you register soon at We can't wait to see you.

In addition, we have some other exciting news! Our class sponsored by Simply Earth will launch online by the end of the year. The editor will have the material to use by November 6th! Our online community is thriving. If you haven't joined online, you are missing out. I love how insightful our members are and how much they encourage one another. We also have a focus this month. This month the focus is... Dum duda dum... BURN OUT. Burn out is the number one reason that massage therapists LEAVE the industry. We will be discussing plenty of tips and tricks to save yourself from the ghoulish monster, so make sure you check it out. Throughout the month, we plan to have live calls with experts such as Michelle Holleman from Life Healing Counseling, Shilah Roethel on using essential oils to enhance the mood and even Rebecca Brumfield from Badass Bodyworkers might pop in to talk to us a little bit. Call dates will be posted in the group for those interested. Click here to go to the group or search for the Massage Innovation Network for Therapists on Facebook under groups.

The newest opportunity I have to offer you comes in the form of something you can receive for FREE for receiving this email as a thank you for being part of our wonderful bodywork community. I am currently working on my International Coaching Federation Accreditation. Coaching in the massage industry is a dirty word. I have been through 2 unaccredited programs and STILL didn't feel great about charging people for giving personal and business advice. As I am wrapping up my certification on my third accredited program, I need 150 paid hours by the end of the year. Most of you support me by paying for my classes which I am eternally grateful for. Therefore, in exchange for each class you sign up for November, December or any time in 2020, I would like to offer you an additional coaching session in addition to the FREE 30-minute session I am giving you for being part of my mailing list. There's no obligation. I do have to get you to fill out my coaching packet so I get program credit, but you guys have already paid me through your kindness of being on my mailing list and attending my classes. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. I am working on my life coach, business and solution-focused certifications, therefore any goal or problem you currently have is fair game. It is confidential. If you decide you love it and want to continue to work together, I am charging a limited time reduced rate of $75 or 4 sessions for $200. Anything you want to do I believe it is possible through small steps. Most of the coaches in our industry have no training and charge $100 to $400 an hour. Don't pay for bad coaching. Definitely, take advantage of these free sessions and help me to achieve my goals as well.

Here is the link for the coaching packet to fill out prior to your free coaching session with me. I would schedule it at least a week out to give yourself time to figure out all the goals and ideas you might want to talk about!

 Also, here is the link to schedule your appointment.

You may notice that it shows up as Fire & Ice Therapeutic Massage. That is the massage business that I own. You want to pick 1 hour free introductory session under coaching. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals! (I would say its all down hill from here, but... Mercury is retrograding... soo... forget that.)

I can't wait to see you guys in class continuing to grow and make this industry even better!

Happy Fall ya'll! Ashley

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