How To Choose The Right CE Class For YOU!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Continuing education is required in most states that regulate massage therapy. And while the states usually see this as a way to ensure competence in the profession, when it comes to choosing a CE class, you should be focusing on a bit more than just a certain number of hours.

Here’s 5 questions to ask yourself about any class you’re considering taking so you can choose the right CE class for you.

#1 Does it help your clients?

Let’s face it...massage school isn’t exactly an exhaustive education in the body or the industry.Continuing education makes up for a lot of it, and a big part of that is expanding your knowledge to help your clients. Our industry has numerous paths that therapists can take, from clinical and medical application to spa services and energy work. Take a look at your core clients and determine whether that class you’re considering would be of benefit to them, not just something fun to take.

#2 Does it suit the goals of you and/or your business?

Beyond helping you’re clients, some classes can be used to help you work toward certain goals that you have for yourself or your business. If you’re wanting more clients or need to better understand some of the nuances of the behind-the-scenes stuff involved with owning a massage business, take classes that will help you get there. If you want to achieve certain credentials or work with a certain specialty population in the future, what classes will get you on track for it?

#3 Does it increase your income?

Can you take what you learn and turn it into more money in your pocket? If you choose the right classes, yes! Whether it’s expanding your service menu from new modalities learned or a business class that’ll teach you how to manage your money and business better, take classes that can translate into a boost in income.

#4 Does it make you unique?

Many areas of the country are saturated with massage therapists. Schools are pumping out more massage therapists than the area really needs, and when that happens, many therapists and massage businesses get lost in the mix. So how can you stand out from the crowd? A totally different type of modality or some add-ons that are completely unique? Whether an employee or a business owner, what kind of class can make you stand out from the sea of standard massage therapists in your area?

#5 Does it inspire you?

Beyond the help for your clients, the career goals, the money, or the marketability, part of the wonder of continuing education is the ability to inspire. You might be in a rut, doing the same kind of massage over and over, or just feeling a little burned out. There’s nothing quite like a unique CE class to spark inspiration and get you fired up about your work again.

So don’t just choose a class to fill your required hours, but rather choose one that suits you,your clients, your business, your market, and most importantly, one that inspires you to do and be better

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