Massage for the Modern Woman

8 CEUs

This 8 hour live class is approved by NCBTMB as continuing education.



"This class exceeded my expectations. There was a good balance of lecture and hands on. I learned new techniques for abdominal work that I don't normally perform in my practice. I liked the mixture of lecture and hands on time and that we stayed on track and topic. I was very pleased with this class and would recommend it to other massage therapists."


"I liked the breadth of information, not just pregnancy massage."


"The information was presented in a way that is easily learned by all learning types; Ashley is an AMAZING teacher. I learned so much and it was in such a relaxed, enjoyable format, that I would see no way to improve the class."


"I liked the description of the body process and how she gave us the "why" behind everything. I thought it was wonderful."


"I always enjoy spending time with other massage therapists. The class was presented at a good pace for me- enough theory versus hands on. "


"Ashley is very knowledgeable and brings her educational experience. It was all very interested and helpful. It inspired me to want to help other women with their issues. I learned and gained valuable information from the instructor. I loved how well paced the class was and that it covered many techniques that would be helpful in my practice. I can't wait to take another class!"


"I am now motivated to promote prenatal, postnatal with an emphasis on the importance of postnatal to lessen incidence of prolapse and strengthening the pelvic floor. I liked the hands on practice for PMS, prolapse and the confidence building of psoas massage and loosening of tissue. Also, excellent secured draping techniques. Everything was on point, Numerous opportunities to ask and have questions answered. Extremely interactive. Lots of shared views, knowledge and experience from participants. Instructor displayed the utmost patience with Q & A, comments and was a wealth of knowledge with her material. Her attention to detail and commitment to give clarity to subject matter until fully understood. Conveyed all information in terms fully understood on everyone's level. She is a brilliant instructor. Her material appeared to be thoroughly researched. I loved it!"



Course Description

Students will learn prenatal massage, massage for PMS, and massage adaptations for the peri-menopausal woman.


Learning Objectives

1.) Students will list contraindications of prenatal massage.

2.) Students will identify pathologies primarily in women.

3.) Students will list what happens during all three trimesters.

4.) Students will list what happens during the menstrual cycle.

5.) Students will list cautionary sites during pregnancy.

6.) Students will identify signs of menopause.

7.) Students will identify signs of prolapse.

8.) Students will identify the attachments of the psoas.


Learning Outcomes

1.) Students will demonstrate the proficiency to perform massage during the second and third trimester.

2.) Students will demonstrate how to make a castor oil pack.

3.) Students will demonstrate techniques to aid menstrual cramps.

4.) Students will demonstrate identifying cautionary sites and pathologies in which they should not be working on the client.

5.) Students will demonstrate how to safely stretch the pregnant mother.

6.) Students will demonstrate proficiency in working with clients during their menstrual cycle.

7.) Students will demonstrate precautions when working with the menopausal woman.

8.) Students will demonstrate techniques for psoas release.




Will students be given course material when they attend each course?



Will students receive a syllabus before each course, explaining the information that will be taught?



How will each student be evaluated?


Case study presentation


Resolution of problem presentation


What do I need to bring to class?

A massage table, set of sheets, 3 pillows, a large towel, lotion, holster, pen and paper.


This class will be taught by Ashley Dwyer, NCBTMB Approved provider #1000021.


Please send email to to let us know which class you wish to enroll in.