Ethics: From The Massage Forums


This 3 hour class is approved by NCBTMB as continuing education. In this class we will cover ethical issues in the profession as taken from popular massage forums.

"I liked the wide variety of topics and new info like on the use of CBD that I didn't know before. I also enjoyed the small class size and the way it was presented. I thought it was perfect."

"This class gave me information that I need to look into as an independent contractor. All of the situations and topics were interesting and relevant. It almost makes you want the class to be longer."

"It actually presented information that I never understood before. I was interested and it felt like I learned a lot about ethics. I am going to rethink some ideas at my place of business and make the students aware at the school I teach at. I liked the new ideas and concepts that refreshed my thoughts and ideas. It made me think about a lot of things. I think the class was very interesting.  I learned a lot!"

"Some new things were covered which was good. Somethings that were covered weren't relevant in my work setting, but interesting to know for the future if I switch jobs. I like that it covered more recent ethical issues than previous classes."

"I stayed interested. The topics covered ranged from licensing to product use. A to Z! I liked how up to the date current the information is. The instructor covered a lot."

"It was very engaging. It definitely provoked me to be more aware of situations in the industry. I really enjoyed the constant class engagement. This is the first ethics class where I wish we had more time."

"The class presented different info which was relevant and excellent. It kept me interested with excellent info. I liked the group feedback."

"I feel better about all the folks having some of the same issues I have had! I like the discussion and participation by the class encouraged by Ashley. We covered so much info in three hours!"

Course Description

Massage therapists will discuss ethical guidelines and boundaries based on ethical dilemmas posed on massage forums such as Facebook.

Learning Objectives

1.) Students will list types of boundaries between clients and massage therapists.

2.) Students will identify the best way to handle difficult clients.

3.) Students will explore risky situations which other therapists have been posed with so as to know how to handle them when they happen in their own offices.

Learning Outcomes

1.) Students will demonstrate how to handle situations where clients attempt to permeate boundaries.

2.) Students will demonstrate asserting authority with clients in situations where the demands are outside of our scope of practice.

3.) Students will demonstrate what to do when a client makes a sexual advance or there has been an assault.


Will students be given course material when they attend each course?


Will students receive a syllabus before each course, explaining the information that will be taught?


How will each student be evaluated?


Resolution of problem presentation

Live Courses/Webinars


Class participation

This class will be taught by Ashley Dwyer, NCBTMB Approved provider #1000021.

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