Educating Clients In The Massage Environment

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Course Description

One of the biggest struggles I see in the massage community today is the lack of communication between client and therapist. This reduced communication prevents the client from receiving what they need, rebooking occurring and the client receiving education on how massage can help them. In this course, we will walk through the hour long session in detail so that massage can be more effective for everybody regardless of modailty and bodywork philosophy.

Learning Objectives

Students will identify benefits of massage
Students will identify indicatiors of those benefits on the intake form.
Students will identify techniques for breaking the ice with clients
Students will identify ways to build rapport with the client
Students will identify sales techniques for getting clients to rebook
Students will identify overcoming objectives.
Students will identify the importance of patient education
Students will explain when a client should come back.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate through role play how to do a client intake.
Students will role play asking a client to rebook.
Students will demonstrate how to build rapport with a client during the intake.
Students will demonstrate creating a treatment plan for the client.
Students will demonstrate stretches to show the client for self care.
Students will demonstrate going over a treatment plan.
Students will demonstrate knowledge of the benefits of massage.

Course Outline

8:00 - 8:20 Meet and greet, introduction to course and what to expect, students receive class materials, sign participation waivers
8:20-8:40 Discussion of current procedures in practice and protocols. "Walk me through your day and your client process worksheet"
8:40-9:00am Discuss why or why not clients rebook
9:00am-9:10am Break
9:10am-9:20am Hand out intake forms and have each therapist complete one.
9:20-10:00am Walk through a proper intake in detail. Go over questions that you should ask every client. Explain the rapport process. Revisit professionalism and ethics of relationships with clients.
10:00am-10:10am Break
10:10am-10:45am Partner each group up and have them conduct a thorough intake with the other partner. Encourage intake to last 15 minutes long.
10:45am-11:00am How to use what you learn in your intake to structure a proper client session that meets their needs.
11:00am-11:10am Break
11:10am- 12:00pm Why do you have gaps in your schedule? How many clients do you need to pay your bills? Hand out budget worksheet. Let massage therapists calculate how many clients they need to minimally meet their budget.
12:0pm-1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm- 2:00pm What to do in your massage practice when you are slow. Marketing ideas and streamlining marketing for success. How massage marketing should be all about address the clients needs
2:00pm- 2:10pm Break
2:10pm-3:10pm How to educate clients on massage benefits for them and make it personal. Giving good after care directions and stretches. Connecting the dots between sessions with proper SOAP notes and not letting clients fall through the gaps.
3:10pm-3:20pm Break
3:20pm-4:20pm How to rebook the client. Overcoming objections to rebooking. How to ask for referrals. Putting it all together.
4:20pm-4:40pm Practice overcoming each others objections as a group.
4:40 - 5:00 Verbal review of course content, question & answer session. Students fill out course evaluation forms.

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  • Observation

  • Resolution of problem presentation

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  • Lecture

  • Class participation

  • Lab/hands-on work


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