Auriculotherapy In Massage


Distance Learning/Webinar


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Beginner/Entry Level

Course Description

Students will learn the basics of auriculotherapy to begin to integrate this combination of acupressure and reflexology into their massage practice.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to apply ear seeds as a from of acupressure and reflexology.
Students will be able to explain the safety and uses for ear seeds.
Students will demonstrate the use of ear seeds.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate the use of ear seeds.
Students will explain the uses for ear seeds.
Students will list benefits of ear seeds.

Course Outline

Hour 1: Introductions/ Participation waiver through google forms./ What is auriculotherapy?
What can it be used for? How can acupressure and reflexology principles be demonstrated by using ear seeds? Evidence to support use. Are they safe.
Hour 2: Application practice and how they can increase revenue to practice. Evaluations through google forms. Email Certificates.

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How will each student be evaluated?

  • Case study presentation

  • Observation

  • Resolution of problem presentation

Live Courses/Webinars

  • Lecture

  • Class participation

  • Lab/hands-on work